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How To Flavour Beer

Using Natural Flavouring To Create Unique And Unforgettable Tasting Beers

Foodie Flavours are used by some of the UK’s top innovative breweries – Our wide range of natural flavourings are great for home brewing as well as microbreweries and large scale beer production.

High strength flavours are simple to use in beer, providing rich tastes without the need to add vast quantities of ingredients. Start experimenting from the popular – caramel, rhubarb, vanilla – to the more adventurous – liquorice, exotic fruits, bacon and whatever else you can imagine.

We have a wide range and variety of high strength flavours available to buy online now, in sizes from 15ml to 5 litres. Ideal for innovative beer production or a spot of craft brewing at home.

Using Flavours in Beer.

Flavourings are typically added to beer at the end of the brewing process.

Types of flavouring for beer
Usually “water soluble” flavourings are used for beer. Carriers such as ethanol or Propylene Glycol are commonly used in such flavourings.

Flavour Consistency & Stability
These professional flavours are lovingly crafted from natural ingredients to impart accurate tastes to your beers. Whilst using some raw materials like fruits, berries or spices can prove unpredictable – Foodie Flavours are extremely stable and provide consistent taste profiles.

How much flavouring to use
The amount you use will differ between flavours and vary according to the type of beer and ingredients in your brewing process. As a guide, start with 0.5ml to 1ml of flavour per litre of beer and adjust to taste. Some flavours may have a maximum limit which will be indicated on the label (this will usually apply to flavours containing Propylene Glycol).

Flavour features for commercial Brewing.

For commercial users Foodie Flavours help you display a ‘clean label’ on your beer. Our natural flavourings meet EU regulations to be listed on your ingredients list as “Natural Flavouring”.

For commercial and craft breweries we have an extensive range of natural flavourings and botanical extracts suitable for use in flavouring beer. In addition to this Foodie Flavours can also provide flavour creation services to help you develop new beverage products.

All of our natural flavours are:

  • Vegan & Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Nut-free (200ml sized products and up)
  • Egg-free
  • Contain no added sugar
  • Made in the UK

Ordering flavour for commercial & home brewing.

Home & micro brewing – All Flavours available from our online shop are the same full strength product used by the industry for drink manufacturing. They’re perfect for making your very own craft beer at home, our 15ml sizes are a great, cost effective way to experiment with lots of different flavoured beers.

Our online shop is also a great asset to small businesses and breweries. Whether you are trialing new products or low volume production our 15ml – 1L flavour sizes are ideal.

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Commercial brewing – In addition to our core retail range available to order online, we supply hundreds of flavours in larger quantities. Our commercial flavouring products are ideal for small and large scale brewing, with an MOQ of only 1 Litre.

If you are interested in ordering from us please view our commercial flavour list. Then simply email us at with your details and requirements. We can then advise on suitability for beer production, provide pricing and samples as needed.

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