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How To Flavour Coffee

Use Natural Flavourings To Create Your Own Coffee Experience

With Foodie Flavours you can add your favorite flavours to your favorite hot drink. Add a drop or two of caramel, hazelnut or irish cream straight from the bottle to your cup of coffee or cafetiere before pouring.

Our high strength flavours can also be used commercially for high volume production of flavoured coffee beans – see details below

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We have a wide variety of flavours available to buy online now, in sizes from 15ml to 1 litre. Great for new product development, small run production or naturally flavouring coffee at home.

Using flavours for coffee.

Flavouring coffee at home
The simplest way to add flavour to your coffee is directly from a Foodie Flavours bottle. The built in dropper in our 15ml lets you add flavour by the drop. Try one drop of flavour in a cup of coffee – keep in mind you may need to sweeten your drink for the correct flavour to come through.

Flavouring coffee beans
In a manufacturing environment water soluble flavours are usually sprayed directly onto the coffee beans. This is then naturally diluted when the final coffee beverage is made. Water soluble flavourings which use the carrier Propylene glycol are suitable for this spraying technique. They also leave a desirable satin sheen on the coffee beans.

Flavour features for commercial coffee manufacture.

For commercial coffee manufacturers Foodie Flavours helps you display a ‘clean label’ on your coffee products. Our natural flavourings meet EU regulations to be listed on your ingredients list as “Natural Flavouring”.

Manufactured to strict quality standards, you can rely on consistent taste profiles and stability from our natural flavourings.

All of our natural flavours are:

  • Vegan & Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Nut-free (200ml sized products and up)
  • Egg-free
  • Contain no added sugar
  • Made in the UK

Ordering flavour for commercial & home use.

Home use – All Flavours available from our online shop are the same full strength product used by the industry for flavoured coffee production. They’re perfect for making your very own flavoured coffee at home. Our 15ml sizes are a great, cost effective, way to experiment with lots of different tastes.

Our online shop is also a great asset to small businesses. Whether you are trialing new products or doing some low volume production our 15ml – 1L flavour sizes are ideal.

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Commercial use –  In addition to our core retail range available to order online, we supply hundreds of flavours in larger quantities. Our commercial flavouring products are ideal for small and large scale coffee flavouring, with an MOQ of only 1 Litre.

If you are interested in ordering from us please view our commercial flavour list, Then simply email us at with your details and requirements. We will provide pricing and samples as required.

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