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Sweet Taste of Nature

A blend of Pure Acacia Honey and Natural Flavours.

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Huni, Natural Coffee Syrup
  • Acacia Honey
  • Natural Flavours
  • More Servings, Less Waste
40 servings
Huni, Natural Coffee Syrup

Huni – Crafted from a blend of Pure Acacia Honey and plant based Natural Flavours. Adding delightful floral sweetness and delicious flavour to your morning coffee.

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40 servings

Add one teaspoon of Huni for perfect sweetness and flavour.

Pure Acacia Honey

A delicacy, appreciated for its mild floral taste, soft running texture and glass-like appearance.

Natural Flavours

Extracts and plant based ingredients specially blended to provide delicious flavours naturally.

Sensational Coffee

Just a teaspoon of Huni provides sweetness and the sensational taste of your favourite flavour.

Vanilla Flavoured Coffee Syrup
Natural Ingredients, Acacia Honey, 40 Servings, gluten free, dairy free, made in the uk
Just Two Ingredients

Acacia Honey

Pure Acacia Honey for natural sweetness.


Natural Flavouring

A blend of plant extracts providing delicious flavour.

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How to Huni

Sweeten your Coffee in 1-2-3

Huni Natural Coffee Syrup Squeeze

Pick Your Huni

Choose your Huni flavour.

Huni Natural Coffee Syrup Teaspoon

One Teaspoon

Squeeze out one teaspoon.

Huni Natural Coffee Syrup stir into coffee

Stir & Enjoy!

Stir into your daily coffee.

Huni Coffee Syrup, Natural sweetness from Acacia Honey, Highly concentrated 1tsp per drink, No Nasties, compact form factor
Other Coffee Syrups, Artificial Sweeteners and refined sugar, diluted with water, bulking agents and thickeners, preservatives, wasteful large plastic bottle

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