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The various terms used for food flavourings can be confusing. From a labelling point of view a food product may list ‘flavourings’ or ’natural flavourings’ in its ingredients. ‘Flavourings’ can mean artificial or natural flavourings, but is mostly used to mean ‘artificial flavourings’. While ’natural flavourings’ should mean that the flavouring is made from natural substances only.


So, what about the terms ‘Flavouring’, ‘Extract’ and ‘Essence’?

So, in summary if you are buying natural flavouring products for baking you would choose either an ‘extract’ or a ‘natural flavouring’. You may find that a quality natural flavouring may be more bake stable than an extract, since alcohol based extracts tends to flash-off with heat to some degree during baking.

At Foodie Flavours we label all our flavouring products accurately so you know what you are getting. All of the flavours and extract available on are Natural.

Foodie Flavours provide professional quality, high strength, natural flavouring to the home baker and food manufacturers.

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