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Lemon Trifle

By March 2, 2015September 11th, 2017No Comments


1pt of jelly
Lemon cake slices
500g of custard
20 drops Foodie Flavours natural Lemon (adjust to taste)
284ml double cream whipped
24 drops of Foodie Flavours Natural Lemon Flavouring (adjust to taste)
(add honey if you require a sweeter taste)

Method –

1. Add lemon cake slices in bottom of 4 glasses.
2. Make jelly and add to glass to cover cake. Put in fridge to set.
3. Add rest of jelly equally. Put in fridge to set.
4. Make custard or use ready made custard adding approx 20 drops of Natural Lemon Foodie Flavouring. Put in fridge.
5. Whip double cream. Adding approx.24 drops Natural Lemon Flavouring.
6. Pipe onto set custard
7. Decorate and enjoy…