Blossom Set – Almond, Apple & Cherry natural flavourings

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Excellent high strength natural almond, apple and cherry flavours for cooking, baking, desserts and more.

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Blossom Set

A set of three high strength natural flavourings. Almond, Apple and Cherry – great for bakery, confectionery, desserts and much more.

Instructions for use

For best results dilute our flavour into a key wet ingredient. Only a few drops are needed, so try about 10 or 20 drops (0.5ml to 1ml) per kg of food and adjust to taste. If you are baking then please remember that some of the flavour will ‘flash off’ so you may need to increase the dose to compensate.

* 1 drop is approx. 0.05ml

These are professional high strength natural flavours and must be used diluted. They are for use in foodstuffs only and are not to be consumed directly. If you require larger volumes please contact us.

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

For use in foodstuffs only and not to be consumed directly.

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