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Natural Flavours Crafted Specially for Flavouring Drinks

What are these WS flavours?

These are water soluble, ethanol based natural flavours suitable for flavouring drinks such as beer, kombucha and cider. But where these flavours really shine is in Gin, Vodka and other spirits. With no restrictions on addition rates you are free to fine tune your recipes using ethanol based flavours.

To learn more about using natural flavours in beer and gin visit our application pages.

Who are they for?

This range is primarily aimed at small and startup businesses, breweries and distilleries looking to create new gins , beers and other drinks. While these flavours are bottled in smaller quantities the flavour is the same high strength professional quality product use by our larger customers for large scale manufacture. These flavours are also available in larger quantities so as your business and demand grows you can continue to rely Foodie Flavours to deliver the flavour you know and trust.

What flavours are available?

To start off this range of Water Soluble natural flavours we have released Almond, Lemon, lime and Orange; available in 200ml & 1L  sizes. We will be adding to this range of ethanol based flavours over the coming weeks. To shop more drink suitable flavours visit out shop.

If you would like even more natural flavours for your drinks, we have a much larger range of flavours available from an MOQ of 1L. Email us or give us a ring to find out more, request samples and place orders.

Get in touch

If you have any questions, need more flavours or are interested in larger quantities give us a call or send over an email.

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