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Super quick and easy these Vegan Honey Flavoured Chocolate Bars are a great homemade treat.

“This honey flavoured chocolate is also ridiculously easy to make.  Because all of Foodie Flavours natural flavourings and essences pack quite a punch in just a few drops a little goes a really long way.  It also doesn’t really alter a recipe.  Adding actual honey to melted chocolate would affect the chocolate consistency once it sets.  Chocolate is a wonderful thing but it’s also a delicate balance of ingredients that give it that melt on the tongue, slightly sensuous texture.

The honey flavouring (which is all vegan by the way) gives the melted dark chocolate a rich, slightly sweeter flavour.  Honestly, I have to stop making this as we can’t stop eating it!” – The Cook & Him


Chocolate Bars


  • Edible gold dust
  • 1 tablespoon freeze dried raspberries


Serves 2-4

  1. Place your silicon moulds onto a tray or something sturdy to transport to the fridge
  2. If using, brush the edible lustre dust into the crevices of some/all of your moulds
  3. Melt the white chocolate then use a teaspoon to drizzle/flick it across the moulds
  4. If using, scatter in the freeze dried raspberry pieces
  5. Melt the dark chocolate add Honey Natural Flavouring and stir well. Then pour that in the moulds to completely fill each one
  6. Put the moulds on the trays in the fridge for around an hour until set
  7. Store in the fridge or at room temperature


  • If melting chocolate in the microwave do it in a few seconds bursts, stirring each time. Chocolate (especially white chocolate and in such a small quantity) can very easily burn in the microwave. No-one wants that horrible acrid smell!!
  • Alternatively melt the chocolates in bowls set over saucepans of barely simmering water. Once the water boils, turn off the heat and allow the temperature of the bowl to continue to melt the chocolate. This is a longer way of doing it but almost guarantees no burnt chocolate!
  • For even fancier chocolate you could use food colouring in the melted white chocolate!

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vegan honey flavoured chocolate
vegan honey flavoured chocolate
vegan honey flavoured chocolate