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By Foodie Flavours

A collection just for them.

These Gift Collections are the perfect gift for your Foodie Friend. Within each set are flavours suited specifically for Baking, Brewing and Chocolate making. When choosing which flavours to feature in these collections Foodie Flavours looked at the flavours they supply to UK manufacturers and selected the most popular and best preforming flavours. Meaning you will be using the same ingredients as prestigious Bakeries, Breweries and Chocolate manufacturers.

Foodie Flavours Gift Collections


Whether they’ve just begun their home baking journey or have been delighting you with cakes for years The Baker’s Collection will help them take their bakes to the next level.



For that home brewing obsessed friend who’s always getting you to try their latest concoctions. With The Brewer’s Collection they’ll be competing with the big boys in no time.



Chocolate making is an art form, and as art goes it’s pretty tasty art. The Chocolatier’s Collection ensures those truffles taste as good as they look.