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Fat Soluble Vanilla Natural Flavouring

Ideal for flavouring Chocolate

This Vanilla Natural Flavouring is a sunflower oil based flavouring, making it ideal for use in flavouring chocolate.

Available in sizes from only 200ml, it’s great for startups and small businesses producing artisan chocolates and chocolate edible products. When your demands grow you can continue to rely on Foodie Flavours to deliver the taste you know and trust with larger sizes.

What are FS flavours?

We occasionally use ‘FS’ to describe a flavour that is fat compatible and ‘WS’ to describe a flavour that is water soluble. Typically ‘FS’ flavours are based on sunflower oil or triacetin and both types will work well in flavouring chocolate. This is important as water soluble flavours do not spread well through chocolate due to its fat content.
FS flavours are also suitable for some bakery applications where a water soluble flavour may not perform as well.

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Vanilla FS Natural Flavouring 200ml


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Vanilla FS Natural Flavouring 1 Litre


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Vanilla FS Natural Flavouring 5 Litre


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Larger Volumes

Larger volumes are available to order direct via email. Contact us at for pricing and to place your order.

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